Motivation with Fitness & Nutrition

Sometimes when you are tired or have a lot going on it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself. A lot of people say “I don’t have the time to eat nutritiously or I don’t have time to exercise”. This quite frankly isn’t true, if you go ahead & change that to “it’s not on my priority list to eat nutritionally or fit in some exercise” it makes you think a bit more about that sentence. After all we brush our teeth every day, shower etc. (for me consistently follow my skincare routine), so why don’t we have our nutrition & fitness a priority? This year I have decided like I have said previously to not just do this temporarily. Instead by implement these simple changes into my life, following healthy habits & routines, I am creating a lifestyle for myself. Some simple tips & tricks I have found help: 1. Start slowly, if it is something you haven’t done before, like any habit or practise these things take time & commitment 🌿2. Exercise even when you don’t feel like it. Obviously listen to your body if you need a rest but also keep moving. Go for a coastal walk on your scheduled day off, or a bit of at home yoga 🧘‍♀️ 

  1. Your mindset is so important & only you will decide wether to do this or not. Stop coming up with excuses like it’s too cold, or early, or I can’t be bothered. But also be kind to yourself 🌸 
  2. Set a goal & make them realistic. It doesn’t have to be much, even just something like making a conscious effort to drink more water or train in the mornings. 🌞 
  3. Schedule fitness into your diary like a meeting. Make health as important as work. You will likely find yourself more productive! 🎉 

I hope this helps anyone else on their own journey! 

Image credit via Lululemon & the Foxalow

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